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Russian military intelligence general wants to court martial Putin as American spy

Publication time: 5 April 2012, 16:52
The website of the mainstream Russian Communist Party reprinted an interview from Latvian Russian-language newspaper Telegraf with Russian military general Igor Ivanovich Parinov, who has been serving in the Russian military intelligence agency, the GRU, for over thirty years, working as an undercover agent and received numerous Russian government awards. Parinov testified that Putin is an agent of American intelligence. In particular, he said:

"I think Putin has long been recruited by the West and became the biggest success of the Western intelligence services during all their dirty history. Such a success of Russia's enemies has been never reached before. Spies of this magnitude are normally handled outside the CIA (although the KGB Major Putin, according to the Western sources published before March 2000, had been originally recruited by the CIA - KC), an organization which is well-known and totally compromised, against which all serious intelligence services of the world are fighting. In the United States - and not only in the US - there are many other, more professional and more discreet spy services.

So we are not to be bothered by which American spy agency Putin has recruited. The main thing is that this person works for the US and the entire West. As for his "resolute struggle against Western influence" and "against the collapse of Russia", that is just a cover.

There are different types of espionage. You can steal secrets at a plant level or the defense ministry. You can get important details about a new tank or border defense plans. But all this Intel has a serious disadvantage - it is out of date over the time. Much of the success depends on immediate use of the data over a short time period.

But to use a spy of the scale of Vladimir Putin - in order to achieve short-term goals - is irrational. It is foolish to jeopardize such an agent at a level of information about nuclear missiles and the names of Russian intelligence officers working undercover in the west.

Let's say, you have recruited a man who became the future president in a potentially hostile country (not without your help, of course). How will you use such a resident agent? To ask a list of military plants and the schedule of military transports from him? To ask him to send reports of alcoholics in the General Staff, and maps of Soviet fortifications? Or to start a quiet, discreet process of transforming the power in the hostile country into obedient, submissive and predictable one for a long period to come.

Where is Putin's "anti-Americanism"? In his statements about US conspiracies? In absurd and ridiculous allusions of how the Russian space program collapsed because Americans secretly shoot down Russian satellites?

In his vocal epiphanies "of human rights violations in the United States" which are not cared of or listened to neither in the US nor even in Finland?

In his lies that all the disgruntled people have been bought by the enemy, that "the man in the crowd does not like Putin because he is paid by the enemy to show his discontent?

All these statements are made with an apparent purpose. The goal is clear - to create the country which is completely dependent on the United States, an appendage to America, its patrimony. Yes, of course, "anti-Americanism" is also a cover - it is like a thief who shouts the loudest "seize the thief", but the main goal is Russia's enslaving.

For example, let's take one of the most dramatic Putin's recent statements: "Our spacecrafts fail because of an influence exerted on them by the Americans". Sure, this statement was made by the head of the Russian Space Agency, and not Putin himself. But it is clear that such allegations do not appear without the consent from the very top.

The result? Complete subordination of Russia to America in space - one of the most important areas of progress for the nearest one hundred years. Because scientists, engineers, mathematicians will leave Russia in droves after that.

And all that happens because the American intelligence agent Putin has made a cunning move: he loudly accused the Americans of conspiracies in space. For this alone he should receive the US congress medal of honor.

Let's take another example. Opposition is the foundation of country's development. A clear and purposeful suppression of the opposition, obstruction of its activities in Russia- that is what has been going on. Only idiots do not notice this.

But Putin is not a clinical idiot. He is the head of the state. And his policy of the suppression of the opposition can be explained by only one reason, namely, the desire to delay the development of the country.

None of the dictatorships ever survived the death of the dictator. After his death, any country comes in turmoil and tries to rearrange itself within the established system, but in the end it overstrains and fells apart. Doesn't Putin understand this? The only answer is: he does not want to develop the country; only a subversive agent of the enemy would want to destroy the opposition role in controlling the government. Let's face it: a resident of enemy intelligence who penetrated to the leadership would do exactly that.

Now let's come to the fight against corruption. Doesn't Putin see that his policy aimed at seeking the "agents of influence" among the opposition leads to an increase in corruption in the country, because no deterrents are left? He sees and understands everything. And whoever tries to take a stand against the corruption, sabotage, against enemy spies in power gets a truckload of mud thrown over them which results in nobody wanting to take such a stand.

Everything that surrounds you today in Russia is either made in the USA, directly or indirectly through American-controlled companies in Asia. You see that your laptop is assembled in Thailand, but it has been developed in the US. The Thai factory is owned by American, and the American get the lion's share of the profits from the sale of this "Asian computer" in Russia. Did this situation exist 30 years ago? No it didn't. 20 years ago? It didn't. 10 years ago? It didn't, although the enslavement has already started then - since Putin came to power.

As for your question who else, apart from Mr. Putin, was in my opinion recruited by the foreign intelligence service? I do not have access to information on such persons. Almost certain, the top leadership of the FSB is working for America - no wonder that the head of the service is constantly alluding to the fight against the "enemies of America", while not preventing their penetration into the country. Or do you believe the tales that more than a dozen of Russian elite intelligence officers were betrayed in the US in 2010 by just by one traitor? Even home-grown terrorists know that in any cell no one should know more than two partners - in order to avoid failure, and now dozens of the most important intelligence officers were betrayed by one traitor.

But the FSB was not damaged. It seems to me the head of the FSB has been recruited during his long-term residence in the US He should be responsible to catching such traitors. Otherwise, he should resign. But not if Russia's president is executing the will of his overseas masters.

Putin is smart. Putin is very smart. He creates smoke screens and mirrors for everything he does.

Russia is living on deliveries of American goods and provides the Americans with billions in profits. But the main trouble is that Russia has learned to think American.

Take any area - from the word "nyegr" (Negro) in Russian to financial terms.

In Russian, the word Negro has never had any racist connotation because there has been no Negros in Russia. But in most of the English-speaking world it has! Over there, it has been banned by law. But why to ban it in Russia? Yes, many oppose to using it, but on the Russian TV, in newspapers - everywhere -this word has been no longer used. Why not? Because the Americans cannot tolerate it it. Spaniards do tolerate it, "negro" means just "black" in Spanish - but we are not interested in Spaniards, we are fine-tuned to Americans.

In computer games, all children now use only US terms and are proud of it. In the movies - there are only such American word as "remakes" and "casting". Trifles? They are not - it is planting the spirit of America into the Russian soul. And who else firmly implanted it during the last ten years but the ruling politician? And we are called anti-Americans, as you know. Well, well.

The US ambassador has invited the opposition leaders to visit him in the embassy. Is he an idiot?

Don't his advisors realize that in the Russian society such an invitation is tantamount to losing the elections. Yes, I agree that all the ambassadors over the world often meet the leaders of the legal opposition -in case the opposition comes to power in the next elections. That is a normal diplomatic game. But in Russia today, such a meeting of the American ambassador caused the decline of the prestige of the opposition.

In the next 30 years, the whole Russia will be just as loudly applauding the Americans as it is booing them today. It is the same principle as with the ban of smoking. Everyone wants to smoke because smoking became the forbidden fruit. Such things are deeply incorporated in human nature.

By the time we realize that Americans are not that good-will bearing missionaries it will be too late because in the meantime we have left all our doors open for them.

Just look and turn on the TV. And count how many times per day each Russian channel uses the word "America". And think, how many times the word "Russia" is heard on the American television? Once a month on a TV show of local importance. Or even less. And in Russia - every hour you hear nothing but "America, America." It doesn't matter what is being said there about America as the repetition makes people remember, think and talk about it.

The brain washing here is very simple- when you praise someone a lot, you make the others feel sick of hearing all these praises. And they do the opposite under Putin. The more you are forced to love something, the less you are drawn to the subject of love. And vice versa - the more the curses, the more the subconscious accumulates interest, curiosity and the unconscious protest against the curses.

And under the laws of psychology, what a person believes when he is 15-20 years old, he sharply rejects being 40-50. The age affects the concepts. But today, young people are taught not to love America, and are thus modeled to love it in 20-30 years.

And to achieve this goal, there is no better course than to slowly drips of negative information about America every day on TV, in newspapers, radio, books. The more dirt is thrown on America on most insignificant occasions, the better. In 20 years, the American spy-in-chief would have achieved the goal - the whole Russian nation will gaze in awe at the US, thanks to the wise policy of "anti-American Putin" - actually their trump card has a very long shot!

I'm now old, and I retire soon. But all my life I fought for the interests of Russia. In contrast to the enemies of Russia and the American agent Putin, I am not going to stop fighting. And I believe that a day will come when Russian authorities will bring this traitor to justice, when his miserable fate will be decided by the court martial!"

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