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Putin staged his typical 'pre-election assassination attempt'

Publication time: 27 February 2012, 22:01

Putin's state television in Moscow reported Monday, less than a week before his personal "elections" he is all but certain to win, that Russian and Ukrainian special services had arrested suspects linked to a Chechen rebel leader for allegedly plotting to assassinate prime minister Vladimir Putin.

Channel One said the suspects, acting on instructions from Chechen warlord Dokku Umarov, were preparing to kill Putin in Moscow immediately after Sunday's election.

The station said the suspects were arrested in Ukraine's Black Sea port city of Odessa after an accidental explosion Jan. 4 while they were trying to manufacture explosives at a rented apartment.

Channel One said two of the alleged members of the group arrived in Ukraine from the United Arab Emirates via Turkey with instructions from Umarov, the top military leader for the Chechen rebels. One of them, a Chechen, was killed during the accidental explosion in Odessa and another one, Kazakhstan's citizen Ilya Pyanzin, was wounded in the blast and arrested.

Mr. Pyanzin led the investigators to their liaison in Odessa, Adam Osmayev, a Chechen who previously had lived in London, the report claimed. The TV station showed some footage of Mr. Osmayev's arrest in Odessa with black-clad special troops bursting in and half-naked, bloodied Mr. Osmayev on his knees, his head bowed down.

Meanwhile, former deputy head of Ukraine's Security Service (SBU) Alexander Skibinetsky said that reports on Putin's TV Channel One about "prevention of Putin's assassination" were connected with Russian elections.

"If materials on the operation of intelligence agencies are published, it means that a political decision has been made. The current political decision is connected with the upcoming Russian elections. So I'm inclined to think that this is a purely political act", said Skibinetsky in an interview with the Russian-language Service of the BBC News.

For its part, an influential English-language Ukrainian newspape Kyiv Post writes:


"In the past, such SBU claims of breaking up terrorist plots have been greeted with suspicion, if not with outright denials, such as this one in Vasylkiv, in which SBU agents alleged that they broke up a ring of suspects in August who were accused of making explosives".


Agence France-Presse also mocks at the clumsy fabrication of cornered Putin and his terrorist KGB gang in a dispatch from Moscow:

"Analysts cast suspicion on the timing of the announcement, saying it appeared at least in part to be aimed at deflecting attention from the regular street protests against Putin's rule.

"It just seems like an incredible coincidence that these monsters were discovered today", said military analyst Alexander Golts. "From now on, anyone who is against the prospects of Putin's election as president will be put on the same playing field as the terrorists".


The alleged assassination attempt against Putin is at least the sixth reported by Russian media outlets since he first became president 12 years ago. The last, according to Russian media outlets, was planned for his June 2007 visit to Istanbul for a regional summit", AFP reports from Moscow.

In an update, Agence France-Presse decided that the Kavkaz Center had to comment on the KGB propaganda:

"There was no immediate reaction to the report (about the "plot" - KC) from, a website Umarov and other militants use regularly to communicate their messages".

In the update, Agence France-Presse removed politincorrect (from the point of view of the Russian terrorist gang of the KGB) paragraphs, which we have quoted above.

For its part, the KGB-loving Moscow bureau of Reuters (in its first version of the story, before they read about our reaction in the KC Russian Service - KC) conveyed information on the principle "run with the hare and hunt with the hounds", but left the final word, of course, for the terrorist gang of the KGB:


"The appearance of broad electoral fraud in December parliamentary elections has stirred skepticism about Putin largely among liberals and nationalists in the cities of Moscow and St Petersburg. The internet has been used to mobilize anti-Putin protests over the last three months.


One person, identified only as zilnur, said on his Russian-language Twitter feed: "I am watching the news on TV - Putin uncovered an assassination attempt on himself. Just before the election ... Clowns".


Several assassination attempts have been reported on Putin since he rose to power in 2000 but such reports have rarely made a big impact in Russia (thus Reuters wants politcorrectly to say that he never made - KC).

Main rebel group fighting for an Islamic (as in the text, rather than Islamic - KC) state in the northern Caucasus mountains, known as the "Caucasian Emirate" (quotation marks come from Reuters , in violation of English grammar, and Russian too- KC). It made a series of attacks, including suicide bombing (Reuters, if it wants to be objective, must write: a martyr bombing - KC) on the busiest airport in Russia, in which 36 people were killed.


It says it will strike at political and economic targets in the Russian heartland".

"It was impossible to independently verify the FSB's claim. Putin said that the victory over the Chechen rebels is one of the major achievements of his reign. Putin has counted the victory over Chechen rebels as one of the key achievements of his rule, and the report about the alleged plot is likely to further boost support ", ņ– reports from Moscow.

An influential French daily, Le Monde, writes:

"For Frederick Longuet-Marx, chairman of the conference at Caen University, an expert on Islam and national identity in the Caucasus, "it was clearly a pre-election manipulation". "Vladimir Putin just want to inflate a bit his pre-election rating and play on the fear of the Chechens.

Indeed, during his 12 years of rule in Russia, Vladimir Putin has created an image of a strongman over his fierce struggle with Chechen terrorists.

"Thanks to the assassinations of 1999, which were clearly the work of Russian secret services, the public opinion was prepared to resume the war against Chechnya", recalled Frederick Longuet-Marx.

Today, the prime minister is opposed by the growing mass of people, and he is forced to use once again the bogey of Chechen terrorism, which helped him so well in the past. However, other people seem to doubt.

"Osmayev is completely unknown in the ranks of the Chechen movement, and the name" Pyaznin" sounds absolutely non-Kazakh", explains Frederick Longuet-Marx. He has also doubts about the very existence of the alleged terrorist organization.

"For an Islamic terrorist, it makes no sense to take refuge in Ukraine. The laws there are the same as in Russia".

Another major French newspaper Le Figaro quotes an independent Moscow sociologist Dmitry Oreshkin on KGB anti-putinist radio Ekho Moskvy:

"This is a sign that people from the FSB are trying to use the tools to mobilize public opinion in an old way: "We are surrounded by the enemies. There is only one strong, intelligent and courageous leader, whom they are trying to eliminate".

Meanwhile, according the latest news, Russian coordinator of the Union of Solidarity with Political Prisoners in Russia, Sergei Davidis, said that Mr. Adam Osmaev had been earlier included into the list of democratic political prisoners, so he is a democrat and has nothing to do with the Mujahideen of the Caucasus Emirate.


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