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Sheikh Sayeed of Buriatia: ''How I went to Jihad and what I have seen here''

Publication time: 25 November 2008, 23:10

In summer of 2008, one of the most famous and authoritative proponents of Islam in Russia, Sheikh Sayeed of Buriatia (AKA Buryatskiy) joined the jihad in the Caucasus.

After arrival to Chechnya, Sheikh Sayeed of Buriatia stated that after the proclamation of the Caucasus Emirate none of the Muslims has any arguments on whether to stand aloof from Jihad.

"After the proclamation of the Caucasus Emirate all doubts had vanished. We have one Amir and one State. And direct obligation of each Muslim today is to come out to Jihad and help the Jihad in word and in property," Sheikh Sayeed of Buriatia said.

Editorial staff of Kavkaz Center offers to its readers the video transcript of the statement of Sheikh Sayeed of Buriatia, recorded in autumn of 2008, who tells about how he went to Jihad and what he has seen in the Caucasus.


This is the link where you can watch the video of the statement.


Sheikh Sayeed of Buriatia: "How I Went to Jihad and What I Have Seen Here"


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, and the final victory will be for those who fear Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon the most honorable of Prophets and Messengers, Prophet Muhammad, upon his family and those who followed them till the Day of Judgment. To proceed:


In a hadith narrated by Imam Muslim, Abu al-Husayn Muslim Ibn al-Hajjaj Ibn Muslim al-Qushayri al-Naysaburi, it is reported that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said:


"There will never seize to exist a group from my Ummah that will fight for the truth, those who forsake them will not harm them. Until the command of Allah comes and they will remain in such condition."


And mentioning this hadith I did not want to make some stereotyped video or anything like that, but I have mentioned this hadith, in the first place, in order to explain a little bit the situation that forms in minds of our brothers regarding what is happening here. Why have I mentioned this hadith? Because the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said:


"Those who forsake them will not harm them. Until the command of Allah comes and they will remain in such condition."


By Allah, we know perfectly well that today Jihad has spread and widened, at one time it started here, in the territory of Chechnya, then it spread to entire Caucasus. By Allah, in the current situation of Muslims, Allah shows us very big miracles by supporting us and giving us strength to fight this Jihad, and if it were not for Him, nobody would stay here, in these forests, in these mountains, for a single day. Therefore the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, right away said that there would be those who would want to harm them, but they would not be able to achieve that.


And today, by Allah, there exist many Muslims who say that Jihad here is going on for oil, that they (Mujahideen) receive money, that they are this or that, that they do not fight for the sake of Allah, that everything is bought and controlled by the FSB (Russian Secret Service)... There are so much talk like that, I heard it many times, O Allah!


They say "population does not support", "people do not want" etc., but I myself went to the people and talked to them, and by Allah, the people support us, it is just current policy used by infidels, Russian infidels and Chechen apostates, policy of repression, humiliations, beatings and tortures, and the people begin to fear that they will be detained, that they will be humiliated, but by Allah, very few people remain today who openly hate us and oppose us, except those who openly participate in MIA or FSB systems and other infidel structures, who sold their akhirah (afterlife) in exchange for dunya (world), as the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said:


"The man will wake up as a believer and go to sleep as an infidel. Or he will go to sleep as a believer and wake up as an infidel."


And he said that the reason for it will be that "He will sell his Religion for a little bit of this worldly life."


And today there are many people who claim that Ramzan Vladimirovich Kafyrov (AKA Kadyrov) is a legitimate ruler of Muslims in Chechnya, that he must be obeyed etc. If those people have not heard kufr (disbelief) sayings of that person, who is worse than any animal, worse than a pig, because even pig makes dhikr (remembrance) of Allah unlike some people, and if they would hear those sayings, I think they would take back their words.


When Kafyrov is talking, their hypocrisy manifests at every step, when they protest when a street elsewhere is named after Yermolov, while here in Jokhar (former Grozny) they name a street after general Troshev. Hypocrisy at every step, what did Yermolov do and what did Troshev do? Let them compare those two people.


And all this system, when Kafyrov forced Muslims to make sajdah (worship) to Putin, asking him to stay for a third term, this statement should demonstrate to those who have brain in their heads, that this man is the worst from those who ever were here. He is a rare infidel, and it is hard to call him a human, because the human being, a creation of Allah, was created with the purpose of being a worshiper of Allah, and the likes of Kafyrov were created as a fuel for the Hellfire. But today we will not talk about Kafyrov and his clique, because that person is absolutely uninteresting for us.


But, however that may be, until we complete this Jihad here and until we free this territory, this land, it will be very hard to think that in the future something will spread somewhere so easily, because the help of Allah comes when we begin to unite, because Allah the Exalted said in the Quran:


"And hold fast, all of you together, to the rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves"
(Surat Al Imran, 3:103).


Today many people think that we don't have enough strength or other resources to fight Jihad here in Caucasus, but by Allah, even with what we have, we manage to carry out operations, and infidels keep silent about them. Why do they keep concealing information about an operation this summer that resulted in destruction of their new vehicle, so called Tiger, their kind of "hummer", a big vehicle with a machine gun on top, when three or four infidels were killed? Why do they keep silent about it? Why don't they say about operations being carried out here and there? Because they have a policy of concealing such information.


And however that may be, today among our brothers who are on the plain or outside Caucasus there are those who continue to be convinced that it is run by the FSB here, that Russians benefit from what is going on here. In the beginning of summer a BMP was destroyed in Bamut, that operation was carried out by just four people, and more than ten infidels were killed in that BMP, and it came to dirty rumors being spread among the local population by Russians themselves, they said it were not Mujahideen, that generals themselves were interested in bombing that BMP, although we know perfectly well who participated in that operation and who was able to carry it out. But however that may be, infidels try to justify it, invent their reasons, claim that everything is done by the FSB, that Dokka is an FSB agent etc.


By Allah, Allah tests some people very hard, and seals hearts of some and opens hearts of others. When this Jihad started here, we all realized it was Jihad, just not everybody was able to join here, and because I was elsewhere, people start to say "Buryatskiy was sitting behind" etc... Yes, I did not participate in this Jihad, I did not have contacts with our brothers at that time so I couldn't participate, but there were those who spread dirty rumors behind my back, they said I was an idle talker etc, and Allah knows best, everyone of us will be held accountable for his actions and deeds.


Last spring I was contacted by our brothers and they delivered me a letter from one of our commanders, from Muhannad, where he invited me here and called upon me to join the Jihad. By Allah, I don't want to say more or less than what actually happened, but I remember that when it happened during the spring, when I received that letter, and when I watched that video message, which was approximately six minutes long, a short excerpt from that video letter, when Muhannad appealed to me and said: "Anyway, people listen to you, you are a person whose opinion is considered by people, and you can join us" etc., he did not say "arrive here, I order you" etc., he just said: "We are ready to receive you, and we will be glad to see you among us", and it influenced me very much.


Allah says in the Quran:

"Fighting is ordained for you though you dislike it"
(Surat al-Baqarah, 2:216).


And the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said:

"Shaytan sits in the path of Hijrah (emigration) and says: "Will you leave your home, your land and your skies?", and the best Hijrah, as the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said, is Jihad, and the Prophet said: "And the man disobeyed him and continued his journey and performed Hijrah. Then, when command from Allah came to start Jihad, the man starts on this journey and shaytan comes and says: "Do you want to go to Jihad? You will be killed, your wife will marry another man, and your wealth will be distributed (among the people)"". "And if the man", said the Prophet "will disobey the shaytan at that moment, then I promise him Paradise".


And by Allah, when it all started and I received that letter and I was told: "What will be your reply?", I considered probably three or five seconds, I will say frankly, that during those three or five seconds my entire life flashed before my eyes, everything I thought about during my life, and all those consequences that are happening today etc., I already felt it all, what was going to happen.


But however that may be, it is a test sent by Allah the Exalted Himself: "you talked about Jihad of sahabah, you talked about their lives, you talked about tabi'in, you talked about great scholars of Islam, you talked about Jihad of the Prophet, and now you have an opportunity, go and try to demonstrate what you will do after you talked about it all".


And every time when Allah the Exalted puts a person in such situation, as Ibn Mas'ud said:

"And if Allah will test a person and will put him in a situation when he will have to say something for the sake of Allah, and if he will keep silent, Allah will never return his heart to the level of Iman he had before".

And it was such starting point.


By Allah, I did not have such a strong desire for Jihad, as some of our very sincere brothers have, whom I met here and who dreamed about participating in Jihad day and night. But when Allah makes you choose and you understand that you have to choose between dunya and akhirah, and if you had just a little bit of sincerity before Allah, you already know that you have to make this choice.


And I said then: "Yes, insha'Allah I will go, I just need some time for..." But this point when I said "yes", it became a starting point. I relaxed only after I said it. Because pass this point you understand that you have only one path.


I asked Allah to grant me success, although I thought "what if it was FSB, what if I will be framed" etc., but however that may be, if a man was truthful to Allah, Allah will certainly answer his intention and his aspirations.


And then, when it started, I began to think "what if it was FSB", because "who is Dokka Umarov? who knows?", and by Allah, when some time later I arrived and came here to our brothers, and joined Jihad, and received a weapon, received "Chechen Gore-Tex" - these boots, from that moment everything went on absolutely differently.


When I came here, some brothers said: "We should not tell the people that you are here, we will have to tell all other brothers, through dozens of other brothers, through Jamaats, so that they don't tell that you are here". And I decided to observe the real situation for a month. Because there are people who say "they are FSB agents, Russia air-drops them weapons" etc., and those people who say it, they can't be trusted, because they are those who ran away from Jihad and sit somewhere in Europe, in those countries where they have forgotten about Jihad altogether. And why do they say it? They say it in order to justify their own loathsome action of running away, when they ran away from the battlefield.


Sometimes I thought "what if they were right" and therefore the entire month I was thinking, watching and observing the situation. If indeed everything here is organized and managed by the FSB, if this war is necessary for them and they use it for their own purposes, and by Allah, one month later I was convinced that brothers here have a high level of sincerity and high level of Iman, that they indeed strive to please Allah, and here are many men who are ready to sacrifice their lives and who lost absolutely everything on this path. I learned that those people who are here, and I don't have any doubt about it, are the best from today's Muslims, because when you are inside a warm house, with plenty of food and good nutrition you will never realize whether a person is truthful or he is a hypocrite. And when cold, dirt and ordeals start, when there is no food, when you have to carry heavy load, only then Allah shows those who were right and those who were wrong.


Allah says in the Quran:

"And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to the patient ones"
(Surat al-Baqarah, 2:155).

By Allah, a person shows his worth only after being tested, that is why Allah tested Ibrahim, that is why the Messengers of strong will were tested, as Allah says in the Quran:

"Therefore be patient as did the Messengers of strong will"
(Surat al-Ahqaf, 46:35).


And the patience I have seen here I did not see anywhere else, how people endure it. When people spent the night under the snow in winter, when here are people who have chronic diseases, but they don't leave, people with many illnesses, people who, by Allah, have almost lost their eyesight, but they continue to stay here. Those brothers who come here now, they are our youth. Our youth, about whom the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said: "I was helped by young people", and they are "provisions of Islam", those who come here with the right understanding of Islam, with the right Aqidah (creed), and they are not those who can be easily led astray.


Then I had a question: OK, the condition of our brothers, of the Mujahideen, is good, they are alright, but what is the condition of the leadership? Because it was always interesting, who is this man - Abu Usman (AKA Dokka Umarov). Remember when it all began, when the Emirate was announced last autumn, when it was published for the first time on the internet that Dokka Umarov declared the Emirate. And when some brothers came to me and asked: "What is your opinion about it?", I honestly said: "I think there was just one mistake in the declaration of the Emirate: it was done late." But Allah decreed it to happen at an appropriate time, and Zakayev and others should not lie, because Abu Usman told that the decision was made as far back as 2002, when it was clear for everyone that Jihad was not going on for Ichkeria or for presidency or for a parliament, and all those kufr concepts were totally forsaken.


And today, finding himself in such a hard situations, by Allah, this man, Abu Usman Dokka Umarov, was able to declare the Emirate, despite opposition from everyone in Europe, from everyone abroad, this man made this decision and it cost him dear, because now everybody oppose him, everybody hate him. I spent a long time near him and saw that he is a man who indeed set out with a sincere intention for the sake of Allah. He lives in the same conditions as we, sleeps on the same kind of rug as we, he has the same kind of sleeping bag as we. He eats the same food as me and all other Mujahideen. He does not place himself higher than everyone, and I am not going to lie about it or exaggerate or laud him, I am speaking now behind his back, he is not here, therefore I can speak, if he would be here I would never say it, but however that may be, he is a person who really did much for Islam.


And I see in him sincerity, the kind of which I rarely saw among the people. He has firm resolve and strong intention, and he demonstrated it when Chechen infidels, apostates abducted his elderly father and said him to surrender, and he refused, then they demanded ransom, promising to free his father, and do you know what he replied? By Allah, when I heard it I was amazed. Because by Allah, my brothers and sisters, who listen to me or watch this video, I am telling you that probably, I could not do what he did, because he said: "Take him, kill him and burn, I will not pay a cent for him." Why? In order to prevent establishment of a tradition for infidels and apostates, when they would visit families of Mujahideen and demand ransom from us. He did not do it, in order to show that we don't have such weakness, and of course we don't have it, but this deed, by Allah, I do not know any people who could do the same thing.


So, our brothers who listen to me should know that I am not going to laud somebody, or lie, or receive some money for it, absolutely not, this video which we are recording now, I have decided to make it not as a da'wah (sermon), but just to show our situation here, what it is really like.


By Allah, when I met this man, I saw that he is indeed sincere for the sake of Allah. And however hard they try to slander him, that he was a gangster in the past, that he was an ignorant etc., by Allah, he is a man who improved himself, a man who walked the true path, and whose understanding... by Allah, I have an impression that this man is one of those best leaders, whom Allah can give us at this time at all. A man, the likes of whom I probably did not meet during my entire life.


But however that may be, we don't fight Jihad for the sake of people, not for his sake, not for the sake of other Mujahideen, but we do it exclusively for Allah's Face, and we started this path in order to be closer to Allah and be martyred. Our main mission is not living, but dying on this path, therefore this conversation that we decided to record today, I wanted to explain the situation that is forming here.


Then, when me and him started to record that first video, which many of you remember, it was published on the internet, at that time, when we were recording it, I made a firm decision that I will not leave, and this will be, insha'Allah, our path by which we will have to go till the end.


And it was not showing off, let Allah be a witness. I did not receive money or anything else, as hypocrites said. Those who remember me from Moscow can see, that I still wear my old trousers, absolutely nothing have changed. The only thing I received since then was an SVD, I also received a load bearing vest and a rucksack and that is all. Nobody of us came here to receive a piece of dunya, because there is nothing here except these trees, mountains and pleasure of Allah which we are trying to achieve here, in this land.


By Allah, those who continue to spread rumors, whose who oppose, I want to say right away, that anyone who opposes our ruler, the legitimate ruler, anyone who opposes the Emirate, is a apostate, a lier who opposes Allah, because anyone who opposes Abu Usman today, I testify in front of Allah, that such person is one of vile khawarij, about whom we once recorded a lecture and explained what kind of creatures they are. They are so many today. Therefore, this situation is very hard, but however that may be, we continue this journey in order to achieve the Paradise in the end.


I will not talk long, we are running our of battery, insha'Allah, we will continue next time, and this video is enough today just to explain a bit the real situation here, because many of our brothers and sisters do not know what is really going on, whether Jihad is going on here, or "they are FSB agents", "Russians air-drop weapons for them"... they do not air-drop any weapons, they have been dropping self-propelled artillery projectiles recently, and trees start to look like this after such projectiles.


Insha'Allah, we will conclude at this point and continue next time, if Allah wills, if we will be alive at that time. In the end I would like to appeal to all our brothers and sisters to participate in this Jihad, at least with your du'a'. Make du'a' for us, because du'a' is the best weapon given to us by Allah, and with du'a' Allah can change our situation and can help us very much, and the more so with everything we can try to do on this path in order to achieve our main goal.


And saying it, I ask Allah for forgiveness for me and you, and our final prayer is: praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.


Peace be upon you and mercy of Allah and His blessings.


Kavkaz Center

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