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12 Years of Russian Armies’ Havoc in Grozniy

Last update: 4 January 2007, 01:08
Publication time: 3 January 2007, 17:08

12 years ago early in the morning on December, 31st, 1994, Russian armoured armadas have begun storm of the Chechen capital. 90 thousand grouping of aggressors, supported in 6 thousand of units heavy and easy armoured technique, artillery installations, jet rocket systems and auxiliary techniques, under constant air covering and the massed aviation attacks, have entered in Grozniy (Jowhar) from three directions.


Under the order of the Chechen command, the columns of Russian , as well as on October, 26th during storm of Grozniy (now Jowhar) by the pro-Moscow opposition, have been passed in city centre. Then the well-known Chechen counterattack has begun. Within day the advanced parts and tanks of the Russian armies, entered into city, have been destroyed.


The fierce fights were developed directly before the Presidential palace. Mobile groups of Chechen soldiers and rural civil guardsmen shot tanks and APC by rifle-grenade throwers. Some units of the Chechen tanks, periodically broke in city centre and attacked the enemy. However for the third day of fights, the Chechen command has been compelled to refuse use of this technique, as rural civil guardsmen some times shot armoured cars, accepting them for techniques of the enemy.


In the Presidential palace were vice-president of CRI, Zelimhan Yandarbiev, who carried out the general management on a place, and the chief of General staff AF CRI, Aslan Maskhadov, who directly supervised over defense of city. Dzhohar Dudaev was in a reserve staff in settlement Aldy in the West suburb of Grozniy, and coordinated actions of Armed Forces CRI.


In fights on December, 31st, 1994, Chechen soldiers and a rural home guard totally have broken storming Russian armies. Then the set of other storms in which the Chechen fighters and civil guardsmen have shown an unbending will and courage has followed.


Hundreds units of armoured technique and thousand bodies of the destroyed aggressors covered streets of the Chechen capital. The whole regiments and brigades have been crushed in those unprecedented fights. Hundreds invaders have been captured.


Fights for Grozniy proceeded 2,5 months. The general losses of the Russian armies in fights for Grozniy have made from 18 up to 22 thousand soldiers and officers. More than 1200 units of armoured technique have been burnt down by the Chechen rifle-grenade throwers. Only in the middle of March, 1995 last large divisions of the Chechen forces have left capital, having undermined, on Shamil Basayev's order, a television tower.


The Russian propagation till now tries to belittle unconditional military success of the Chechen armies, which practically on 90 % consisted of the simple civil guardsmen, who for the first time have taken in hands the weapon those days.


Occupational command, and Russian generals, have heaped up a heap of lie about nonexistent "Dudayev's pillboxes and bunkers", many-floored  « defensive boundaries » ,which  was necessary "to overcome by extreme efforts and heroism of Russian soldiers", mythical mercenaries-professionals and Baltic biathlon-snipers, who received from Dudayev 1000 dollars per day.


The author of these lines, as the direct witness of those events, can testify with the responsibility, that, Rokhlin's division, for example, within one and a half months constrained by some tens Chechen fighters (it is not a mistake - some tens), defended positions on a line - the House of pioneers, old Obkom, Council of Ministers and hotel "Caucasus". And a solaly insuperable boundary before Russian armada was the simple Chechen civil guardsman.


On December, 31st, 1994, the young Chechen state has sustained a monstrous impact of, in thousand times surpassing, enemy. And if on October, 26th, 1994, Chechens have finally got rid of decades of hypnosis of communistic propagation of invincibility of Moscow, on December, 31st, Chechen people has once and forever believed in the inevitable victory and great future of the Independent and Free country.


By Said Irbahaev

For "Kavkaz-Center"

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